August 2012

Apart from our scheduled visits from Scillonian III and Gry Maritha the month started with another visit from the landing craft Severn Sins. A fairly common visitor to the Islands now she has been removing large quantities of scrap metal and other waste which cannot be effectively dealt with here on the Island. The 85grt vessel visited twice more during the month for similar work. The middle of the month saw a visit from the Europa, a 28,890grt cruise ship, an annual visitor for many years now she is well renowned for her luxurious interior and generous space per passenger. Later in the month, on the 27th we had two ships in, namely the 22,080grt Marco Polo which landed 765 passengers through St Mary’s Harbour and the 12,500grt Minerva which landed 197. A total of nearly 1000 passengers from cruise ships alone made it one of our busiest cruise calls days to date!