Oil Spill Contingency Plans

The chance of major oil spill and pollution is a constant threat throughout the waters within our Ports. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), as the competent U.K authority responsible for responding to pollution from shipping, has developed national contingency plans to deal with the more major incidents whilst at the other end of the scale perhaps, we are tasked with controlling the smaller spills which still need to be dealt with efficiently.


The MCA require the Harbour Authority to submit our own contingency plans to guide harbour personnel through the procedures required to manage an oil spill originating either from operations within the harbour, or one entering the harbour from the open sea or the land. The Plan includes every level of spill, up to, and beyond the point where it can no longer be dealt with using the Harbour’s own resources. A formal review of the Plan is to be undertaken every five years followed by re-submittance for continued approval. Reviews will take into account the exercises, drills and training undertaken and any actual incidents which may have occurred as well as any changes in local or national legislation or harbour operations.