Port Marine Safety Code

The Port Marine Safety Code applies to all harbours with statutory powers and duties, and aims to improve safety in UK ports and to enable harbour authorities to manage operations to a nationally agreed standard. The revised edition was published in January 2018 and complete information can be found by following the link below. In short, the Code refers to the legal duties already existing through other legislation but does not create its own and provides the standard against which the policies, procedures and the performance of the Harbour Authority can be measured. In order to comply with the Code the Authority must:


  • Review and be aware of their existing powers.
  • Comply with the duties and powers under existing legislation.
  • Ensure all risks are formally assessed and considered.
  • Operate an effective Navigational Safety Management System.
  • Use competent, trained and qualified staff.


The Code is primarily intended for ‘‘the duty holder’’ who is directly accountable for the safety of marine operations within St Mary’s Harbour although it also describes the role of Harbour staff and key personnel in relation to safety of navigation.

  Marine Safety Plan 2024-2026

  Marine Safety Review


The Port Marine Safety Code, along with other relevant information, can be found by following this link

DfT information

St Mary’s Harbour Authority is audited annually to check ongoing compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code. You can find our current certificate here