During the year we cater for several commercial vessels ranging from HM Customs Cutters and Coastguard Tugs to smaller survey, angling and diving vessels, and of course the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company’s ‘Scillonian 3’ and ‘Gry Maritha’.

Mooring / Berthing

Berthing is possible alongside the outer berth at selected times. Large quantities of water are available here on request.  Vessels over 30m LOA are subject to Pilotage restrictions (see Pilotage heading). Please call the office for any information regarding commercial operations.

Radio Contact

The Harbour Office can be contacted via VHF radio channel 14 (working Channel) and we are also listening on channel 16 during working hours.

Operations Within the Harbour  

Permission for any work is only granted by the Harbour Master on the completion of a ‘Permit to work’ form, available from the Harbour Office. Hot work and associated work must follow the conditions of the Harbour’s own risk assessments.

Diving Operations

Diving in the Harbour is only to be done with the permission of the Harbour Master and only after the completion of a diving permit. Please contact the Harbour Master for more details.