Work Permits

Before carrying out work within the Harbour, both shore side and wet side, permission should be sought from the Harbour Office. In certain circumstances a Permit will need to be issued to satisfy the Authority that the work undertaken will be done so in a safe and efficient manner with adherence to any relevant rules and regulations. The Permit will also establish the required qualifications of those persons carrying out the work.  Permits should be sought from the Harbour Office and are available in the following formats.


Works Permit- A general permit available for building or maintenance work on the Quay and can be administered for several days. This includes Hot Work, this would include welding, use of gas torches and use of (metal) grinding discs. Hot work permits must be renewed daily.

  General Permit to Work and Hot Work Permit


Diving Permit- for any diving within the Harbour where breathing apparatus is used and must be renewed daily.

  Dive Permit