Local Notices to Mariners

Local Notices to Mariners provide essential information for those navigating within, or in the approaches to, St Mary’s Harbour.

Notices may include information on events, works, rules and regulations.

Below is a list of current Local Notice to Mariners which can be expanded by clicking on the appropriate number.

Each notice is sent to a list of parties such as local interests and regional ports and Harbours.


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No.25 New Grimsby Quay End Steps Closure
No.24 Gig Racing Event
No.23 Cancel LNtM 22/21
No.22 Sunken Vessel at Long Crow
No.21 Scilly Swim Challenge
No.20 Scilly Swim Challenge
No.19 Scilly Swim Challenge
No.18 National Redwing Championships
No.17 Underwater Operations
No.16 Round the Island Race
No.15 Ongoing Police Incident
No.14 Newman buoy light reinstated
No.13 Newman buoy light extinguished
No.12 Sunken Vessel Recovery
No.11 Sunken Vessel within Harbour
No.10 Water inlet at Pelistry Bay
No.9 Newman buoy reinstated
No.8 Newman buoy off station
No.7 Porthcressa buoy reinstated
No.6 Newman buoy reinstated
No.5 Newman buoy removed for maintenance.
No.4 Porthcressa “No Mooring” Bouy Off-Station
No.3 Quay Closures – Overtopping
No.2 Lockdown Beginning 05/01/2021
No.1 Local Notice to Mariners in Force


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