August 2012

Looking out of the office window this morning we are blessed with a glorious blue sky, a warm breeze, and a full harbour. This week especially has seen few spare moorings and plenty more visiting yachts in other areas of the Islands too. There is an abundance of movement here on the quay with many tourists using the different tripper boats and local vessels making the most of the favourable weather. During the first few days of the month we were blessed with a visit from Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall who came to the Islands to open both the new school and the new community centre on Bryher for which we used our own Pilot vessel ‘Pegasus’ as the primary transport. If I’m honest we weren’t blessed with the best weather but nevertheless the day went by without a hitch. Just a couple of cruise ship visits this last month can be read about in our visiting ships section as well as a visit from the landing craft ‘Severn Sins’.  One other visitor of note, right at the end of the month, was the J-Class Yacht ‘Lionheart’. At 44 metres one of our Pilots was required to assist her in and out of the anchorage and to watch her leave the Islands under sail was indeed a privilege. Her mast is an impressive 59 metres which more or less is the same as the highest point within the Islands!