December 2013

Last month’s news spoke about the laying of a new chain grid on the sea bed for our visiting yacht moorings. The continued work by Scavenger Diving Services depends entirely on the weather, with the good days diminishing rapidly at this time of year. That said however, we have been blessed with a number of truly still days, days where we can see with perfect clarity what’s  on the bottom even in six or seven metres of water. All the visitors’ buoys have been reinstated and we are just tying up a few loose ends in order to complete the project.

The ‘Gry Maritha’ has been off for the majority of November having its annual surveys and scheduled maintenance work carried out. In turn, this also gives the inter-Island cargo vessel ‘Lyonesse Lady’ an opportunity for her own works to be carried out and she has spent much of the last few weeks alongside old quay where the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company’s engineers have been hard at work. The beginning of December will see the ‘Gry Maritha’ return to our shores which will enable the ‘Scillonian III’ to hang up her boots for another season, albeit a month later than usual.

The next few weeks will see a Harbour Users Group meeting take place, a review of our Navigational Risk Assessment and the annual update of our Oil Spill Contingency Plans whilst outside, work is nearly complete on our new workshop after which we can start our own winter schedule of vessel maintenance.