February 2012

January has seen a couple of the larger jobs taking place within the Harbour albeit both towards the end of the month.

We welcomed ‘Shoreline Surveys’ who with side scan sonar have undertaken a survey of the harbour and its approaches, the areas of our ‘off island’ quays, and both our cruise ship anchorages in St Mary’s Sound and Crow Sound. When the information has been delivered we plan to make it available on the website for general viewing.

Our mooring maintenance schedule has also started this month where all our moorings are checked and worn parts replaced. The majority of our moorings are set out on a chain grid (ground chain), like a giant chess board, with a ‘riser’ connecting each intersection up to a mooring buoy. Our riser chains tend to last approximately three years with the ground chain lasting significantly longer due to it being buried under the sand. The diving schedule will be completed by the end of March shortly before the moorings become available for use.