January 2013

December was an interesting month with the arrival the 26m tug ‘Tennaherdyia’. Owned and operated by Keynvor Morlift she towed a 36m barge along with her with the purpose of taking four core bedrock samples from the area directly off the end of the main quay to establish its suitability for the installation of the proposed quay extension. Unfortunately the works were stood down for the first week due to weather restrictions but were swiftly undertaken in the following days. The drill reached some 17m from the deck of the barge meaning our new desktop paperweight was taken from around 8m underground!

Our Pilot vessel ‘Pegasus’ was required this month for the 40m yacht ‘Gloria’ owned by Pete Townshend. Again rather unfortunately the vessel didn’t make it to anchorage due to a faulty starter motor and after a few hours made her way back to Falmouth where it is understood she had been in refit. The vessel had visited previously in 2011.

Christmas passed happily without incident and as we look forward to a busy year ahead, we would like to wish all our customers a happy and prosperous 2013!