July 2012

Well the end of June has come and gone and we can consider ourselves well and truly in the thick of the season now. We have been affected by the same questionable weather as the rest of the country but are still seeing healthy numbers of visiting yachts and day boats. This time of year starts to bring more custom from many places such as Sweden, Denmark and interestingly, Switzerland as well as our staple French and Irish visitors. Our inner (local) moorings are busy now apart from any pleasant Sunday when they seem to completely empty for the day.
June has seen preparations take place for the visit of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall who will be visiting the Harbour in the first few days of July as well as other parts of the Islands. A full report next month…
Also this month we are working hard towards creating an updated general appearance around the harbour with the proposed addition of new signage and more detailed instructions for the users of the quay, in particular those who use the harbour during their holidays.