June 2013

May has historically been our busiest month for cruise ships usually seeing upwards of a quarter of annual visitors within this time.  Our first ship, the Island Sky arrived on the 1st. The 4200grt vessel is our most prolific customer this end of the year at least. At 90m she is far from the largest of ships but does come in as one of the most luxurious. Next, just a few days later, was the 11,647grt Fram which dropped 134 happy tourists ashore followed by one of our larger visitors, the 20,216grt Discovery which dropped 546 passengers ashore during the World Pilot Gig Championships finals. Many of the passengers commenting that it was such a wonderful event. Visits from the Ocean Nova and Island Sky flew by before a new ship for us, the Serenissima, visited us on the 13th. The 144m, 15,067grt Hamburg spent a lovely sunny day here on the 15th before the Silver Explorer and Discovery polished off cruise visits for the month.


Other Pilotage work was carried out for the sail training vessel Belem and Bullo Marines landing craft Sabrina.