June 2012

May has been another predictably busy month for us. Starting with a successful  World Championship Gig Weekend the weather held fair for a record number of participants which saw both Falmouth men’s and ladies crew victorious over their counterparts.

Also our busiest month for visiting cruise vessels, this year was no exception even taking into account the odd cancellation due to poor weather. Eighteen ships were due which can be read about in more detail in our ‘Visiting Ships’ section. In the past the main attractions to cruise passengers was the Islands of Tresco and St Mary’s but after recent input, we are seeing more visits to the other Islands such as Bryher and St Agnes. More vessels appear to be taking the option of staying overnight to take advantage of all the Islands also. For the first time in St Mary’s Harbour a dredger was brought in to remove a sand bank which had grown in our outer berth.

A result of propwash from various vessels, 77 tons of sand and small stone was removed for the continued safety of navigation within the port.

With double sailings of the Scillonian III came plenty of tourists showing the inter Island launch services to be as busy as ever and on occasion our visitors moorings have been close to full.