June 2013

The World Championship Gig Weekend always takes place at the beginning of May and this year was no exception. Another record breaking year for participants with some fine weather and a healthy influx from the countries breweries it certainly seemed an excellent weekend was had by all with some extremely competitive racing transforming the event into an first rate spectator sport.

On a different note, towards the middle of the month, we had our annual visit from Trinity House, the agency tasked with providing and maintaining aids to navigation throughout the UK. As a port authority, we have responsibility for the establishment and conservancy of several smaller marks and lights within the Islands and a quick trip out in our vessel ‘Pegasus’ was all that was needed to get the ‘ok’ for another year.

Other work this month has seen surveys carried out on our yacht grid ground chain and on the steel pilings of the outer berth of the Harbour. Carried out by our local divers the survey on the chain is a relatively simple process of the measuring the thickness of the chain at specific points using vernier callipers and creating a drawing to describe the results. The piling however is a more complex affair and is described as NDT (non-destructive testing). The results from this will show not only current levels of corrosion but using computer mapping we should also be able to establish the projected future of the piles also.

Now in the first few days of June we are seeing an increase in visiting yachts and the forecast doesn’t show a cloud in the sky for at least a week! Long may it continue…