November 2011

 October started with a visit from the THV Galatea which was here over the first and second of the month conducting maintenance on some of the larger Aids to Navigation around the Islands. Te visit coincided with our quarterly availability reporting of the smaller Aids to Navigation which come under our jurisdiction here within the Harbour.

October always sees a shift in work patterns to that of a more office based approach and this year has been no exception. The public showers have (all but one) been closed for the winter and facilities such as the visitors pontoon and recycling facilities are reduced.

Later in the month we took part in a round up meeting of this years cruise ship visits alongside the Council of the Isles of Scilly which proved another successful year had taken place with early indications of similar numbers for next year.

Also this month we worked with the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company to conduct a security exercise during the embarkation of the Scillonian III. The exercise required the initiation of more stringent measures of personal, baggage and freight searches and was conducted successfully with general cooperation from the public.

Lastly the Port Marine Safety Code. Whilst itself non compulsory, this ‘bible’ brings together all the compulsory legislation placed upon Harbour Authorities and compliance ensures safe, efficient and progressive operation of the port. The Code requires an independent ‘Designated Person’ to ensure compliance and hence, our annual audit was carried out the results of which are due next month.