November 2012

The all important task of our Port Marine Safety Code audit was carried out last month along with another from Trinity House. 12 of the navigation aids around the Islands come directly under our jurisdiction and as such responsibility for their 100% availability, placing and maintenance rests with us.

Only a few yachts were ever to visit us October but they nevertheless kept us reasonably busy along with the odd landing craft visit and the usual transition from season to season. A lot of our facilities are withdrawn for the winter months to save energy and costs and also gives us the opportunity for some preventative maintenance and thorough cleaning.

The final sailings of the Scillonian III for this year came on the 3rd November on a typically blowy day after which the Quay, and indeed the Harbour itself was left looking really rather empty as any reasonable spell weather has seen an influx of craft heading for fields around the Island as well as our own boat park for the winter period. It won’t be long now until the annual checks are carried out where the mooring gear is measured and, if needed, changed for new. The chains usually last around three years before they require replacing.

Also next month we can look forward to security exercises, fire management plan updates, Oil spill plan reviews and the fitting of our new, railway style clock on the front of the office.