October 2012

The month started with a visit from La Diamant on the 3rd. A regular visitor to the Island at this time of year the 8282grt, 127m vessel carries a maximum of 190 passengers and is usually aimed at the French market. After landing 142 passengers here on St Mary’s and with several visits this year her crew have become quite familiar with the Islands I’m sure.

Next to visit was the Silver Explorer on the 5th, a ship of a similar size at 6072grt. This good weather visit was followed by the 22080grt Marco Polo on the 8th, popular on the Islands due to the large numbers of passengers aboard. She visited again on the 17th with another 700 passengers and unexpectantly  marked her last visit of the year as she was due again on the 25th but weather halted such advances.

The 19th of the month saw two ships arrive. Another large vessel (for here) the Ocean Countess, and La Diamant respectively. An unsympathetic low water and large passenger numbers from two separate ships made for a particularly animated day. A somewhat unfamiliar  end to the cruise ship season.