September 2012

August has been a pleasant month with just a few pilotage movements. The first of the month being the three masted barque, Belem. At 51m and 406grt, she was launched in 1896 to transport sugar, cocoa and coffee from Brazil to Nantes, France. After several different owners including Sir Arthur Guinness (think ’good things come to those who wait’), she now operates as a sail training ship.

The next of the month was our now regular visitor, the Severn Sins, a 23m, 72grt Landing Craft. Operated by Keynvor Morlift, she has been involved with moving scrap metal off the Islands on behalf of the Council.

Later that week the Island Sky visited for the third time this season. Known as an extremely luxurious ship, at 4200grt she will carry a maximum of 114 passengers.

The last ship, on the last day of the month, was La Diamant. Built in 1974 this 8282grt, 124m ship landed 104 passengers here on St Mary’s. The ship came here owned by Compagne du Ponant but has since been sold and will start operating under the name Ocean Diamond from November for Quark Expeditions.