Local Notices to Mariners – Archive

Local Notices to Mariners provide essential information for those navigating within, or in the approaches to, St Mary’s Harbour.

Notices may include information on events, works, rules and regulations.

Below is a list of current Local Notice to Mariners which can be expanded by clicking on the appropriate number.

Each notice is sent to a list of parties such as local interests and regional ports and Harbours.


If you think you would like to be added to this list please contact

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No.16 Uncrewed Surface Vessels
No.15 Swimquest 1 Day Event
No.14 Swimquest
No.13 Swimquest
No.12 Oil Spill Exercise
No.11 Sea Defence Works and Associated Moorings
No.10 Completion of Cable Works
No.9 Underwater Obstructions
No.8 World Pilot Gig Championship
No.7 Pelistry Seawater Intake
No.6 Spanish Ledge Buoy
No.5 Wave Data Buoy
No.4 Spanish Ledge Buoy Unlit
No.3 Wave Data Buoy Removed
No.2 Advisory: Overtopping
No.1 Local Notice to Mariners in Force
No.14 Cancellation of : Bottom Leading Lights Inoperative
No.14 Bottom Leading Lights Inoperative
No.13 Advisory – Overtopping 6 and 7 November
No.12 Cancellation of LNtM 08.22
No.11 Rock delivery into Porthmellon Beach
No.10 Swimquest Event
No.9 Swimquest Event
No.8 Rock Armour Project & Associated Moorings
No.7 Otillo Swim Run Events
No.6 Gig Racing Event
No.5 Pelistry Seawater Intake
No.4 Maintenance Diving
No.3 Water Inlet at Pelistry
No.2 Quay Closure
No.1 Local Notice to Mariners in Force
No.28 Quay Closure
No.27 St Mary’s Quay Steps 5 Closed
No.26 Diving Operations within St Mary’s Harbour and its approaches
No.25 New Grimsby Quay End Steps Closure
No.24 Gig Racing Event
No.23 Cancel LNtM 22/21
No.22 Sunken Vessel at Long Crow
No.21 Scilly Swim Challenge
No.20 Scilly Swim Challenge
No.19 Scilly Swim Challenge
No.18 National Redwing Championships
No.17 Underwater Operations
No.16 Round the Island Race
No.15 Ongoing Police Incident
No.14 Newman buoy light reinstated
No.13 Newman buoy light extinguished
No.12 Sunken Vessel Recovery
No.11 Sunken Vessel within Harbour
No.10 Water inlet at Pelistry Bay
No.9 Newman buoy reinstated
No.8 Newman buoy off station
No.7 Porthcressa buoy reinstated
No.6 Newman buoy reinstated
No.5 Newman buoy removed for maintenance.
No.4 Porthcressa “No Mooring” Bouy Off-Station
No.3 Quay Closures – Overtopping
No.2 Lockdown Beginning 05/01/2021
No.1 Local Notice to Mariners in Force
No.16 Temporary Port Closure
No.15 Temporary Port Closure
No.14 Cancellation of LNtM 13/20
No.13 Autosub Mission from NOC
No.12 Scilly 360 Swim Challenge 2020
No.11 Research Equipment off Par Beach St Martins
No.10 9m Vessel SILENT CAT
No.9 Temporary Port Closure
No.8 Change to restrictions on visitors outside England, Channel Islands & ROI
No.7 Water Inlet at Pelistry
No.5 Newman Buoy
No.4 COVID-19
No.3 Coronavirus
No.2 Diving Operations withing St Mary’s Harbour
No.1 Local Notice to Mariners in Force
No.24 Temporary Quay Closure
No.23 Cancellation of LNtM 21/19
No.22 Temporary Port Closure
No.21 St Agnes Quay Intermittent
No.20 Scilly Swim Challenge
No.19 Scilly Swim Challenge
No.18 Swim Quest
No.17 Scilly Swim Challenge
No.16 St Mary’s Harbour Fender Repairs
No.15 St Mary’s Harbour Fender Repairs
No.14 Otillo Swim run
No.13 Seawater Intake
No.12 Scilly Swim Challenge 2019
No.11 Gig Racing Event
No.10 Bottom Leading Light Repaired
No.9 Bottom Leading Light Unreliable
No.8 New Anneka Quay Light Replaced
No.7 Navigational Lights on St. Mary’s Quay
No.6 Bacon Buoy Reinstated
No.5 Mooring Maintenance and Diving Operations
No.4 Bacon Buoy Off Station
No.3 Anneka Quay Light Intermittent
No.2 Damage to Outer Berth Fendering
No.1 Local Notice to Mariners in Force
No.11 Bacon Ledge Buoy
No.10 Round the Island Race 2018
No.9 Seawater Intake
No.8 Otillo Swimrun Event 2018
No.7 Bacon Buoy
No.6 Spring Scilly Swim Challenge 2018
No.5 Gig Racing Event
No.4 Mali Rose Trials
No.3 Newman Buoy Re-instated
No.2 Newman Buoy Not on Station
No.1 LNtM’s Remaining in force
No.19 Bartholemew Beacon Top Mark Discontinued
No.18 Bacon Buoy Out Installed
No.17 Bacon Buoy Out Installed
No.16 Bacon Buoy Out of Position
No.15 Kier Remedial Works
No.14 Scilly Swim Challenge 2017
No.13 Scilly Swim Challenge 2017
No.12 Red Arrows Air Display
No.11 Power Boat Race Falmouth to Scilly
No.10 Round the Island Race 2017
No.9 PASAB Sailing Race 2017
No.8 Otillo Swinrun Event
No.7 Survey Operations
No.6 Spring Scilly Swim Challenge 2017
No.5 Gig Racing Event
No.4 Gunner Rock S Cardinal
No.3 Outer Berth Fender Replacement
No.2 Works to Atlantic Storm Drain
No.1 Expiration of previous
No.25 Leading Light Replacement Complete
No.24 Leading Light Replacement
No.23 Scilly Swim Challenge 2016
No.22 Changes to Woolpack Beacon
No.21 Isles of Scilly Seagrass Survey 2016
No.20 Changes to Woolpack Beacon
No.19 The Island Regatta 2016
No.18 National Redwing Championships 2016
No.17 Cancellation of LNtM 02/16
No.16 Bottom Leading Lights
No.15 Radar Reflectors
No.14 Round the Island Race 2016
No.13 PASAB Sailing Race 2016
No.12 Bottom Leading Light
No.11 Tresco Tack Sailing Race
No.10 Otillo Swinrun Event 2016
No.9 MCA Tier 3 Counter Pollution Exercise
No.8 Water inlet at Pelistry Bay
No.7 Autonomous Gliders and Surface Vehicles
No.6 Reference LNtM 02/16
No.5 Installation of ‘Newman’ STDB Hand Bouy
No.4 Cancellation of LNtM 03/16
No.3 Damage to wooden fendering/rails
No.2 Quay Improvement Works
No.1 LNtM’s remaining in force
No.29 Crane Transfer
No.28 Jacked Up Barge Placement
No.27 Island Swim
No.26 PASAB Yacht race
No.25 Stemat Repairs
No.24 Level Four Blocks
No.23 Sailing and Gig Racing
No.22 General Works Kier
No.21 Use of Polmear
No.20 Mooring off Rat Island
No.19 Cancellation if 10 & 18
No.18 Barge at Porthloo
No.17 Barge Anchors
No.16 Temporary Storage and Moorings
No.15 North Cardinal Mark
No.14 24hr Working
No.13 2nd Nut Rock Temporary Lay-By Mooring
No.12 Nut Rock Temporary Lay-By Mooring
No.11 Bartholomew Buoy Light
No.10 Jack Up Barge Placement
No.9 Delivery of Jack Up barge
No.8 Dredging Work at St. Mary’s Harbour
No.7 Temporary Storage & Moorings in Old Quay
No.6 Innisidgen Temporary Lay-By Mooring
No.5 Nut Rock Temporary Lay-By Mooring
No.4 Carn Near Slip, Tresco
No.3 Leading Light Repaired
No.2 Leading Light Inoperative
No.1 LNtM’s remaining in force
No.36 Peninnis Lighthouse Light
No.35 17th November 2014 – Peninnis Lighthouse Light Unreliable
No.34 29th October 2014 – Quay Extension/Widening Works
No.33 29th October 2014 – Diving Operations – Duke of Normandy
No.32 30th September 2014 – Marine Autonomous Systems
No.31 23rd & 24th September 2014 – Diving Operations
No.30 19th September 2014 – Quayhead Sector Light
No.29 21st September 2014 – Tresco Tack Sailing Race
No.28 15th September 2014 – Quayhead Sector Light
No.27 9th September 2014 – Woolpack Beacon
No.26 6th September 2014 – Survey Work
No.25 8th September 2014 – Survey Work
No.24 5th August 2014 – Precious Lives Atlantic Challenge
No.23 21st July 2014 – Cable Vessel CS Resolute
No.22 14th July 2014 – Inter Island Cable Laying – BT Project
No.21 30th May 2014 – Quay sector light is inoperative
No.20 20th May 2014 – Quay sector light repaired
No.19 20th May 2014 – Quay sector light is inoperative
No.18 15th May 2014 – Wave Buoy
No.17 29th April 2014 – Harbour Movements
No.16 April 2014
No.15 3rd April 2014 – Porthloo Beach
No.14 11th February 2014 – Quay Sector Light
No.13 6th February 2014 – Quay Sector Light
No.12 6th February 2014 – Woolpack Beacon
No.11 29th January 2014 – Forecasted Weather
No.10 20th January 2014 – Cardinal Marks
No.9 18th January 2014 – Cardinal Marks
No.8 11th January 2014 – Quay End Steps
No.7 10th January 2014 – Bartholomew Beacon
No.6 10th January 2014 – North Bartholomew Buoy
No.5 10th January 2014 – St. Mary’s Quay Navigational Sector Light
No.4 4th January 2014 – St. Mary’s Quay Navigational Sector Light
No.3 4th January 2014 – Storm Damage & Debris
No.2 4th January 2014 – St. Mary’s Quay Navigational Sector Light
No.1 1st January 2014 – Steeple Cardinal Mark off station
No.17 27th December 2013 – Steeple Rock West Cardinal Mark Missing
No.16 9th October 2013 – Fender Repairs Completed
No.15 2nd October 2013 – Fender Repairs
No.14 Maintenance Work
No.14 September-October 2013
No.13 22nd August 2013 – Inter-Island Walk
No.12 4th August 2013 – Round Island Race
No.11 28th July 2013 – Swimtrek
No.10 19th May 2013 – Survey Work
No.9 31st May 2013 – Wessex Archaeology
No.8 15th May 2013 – Amendment to the Pilotage Procedures
No.7 6th May 2013 – Scheduled Sailing Events
No.6 1st April 2013 – Amendment to Compulsory Vessel Length
No.5 8th April 2013 – Old Wreck Buoy Normal Conditions Restored
No.4 22nd March 2013 – Old Wreck Buoy Top Mark Missing
No.2 1st January 2013 – Out of Date Flares
No.1 1st January 2013 – Pilotage Service Amendment
No.15 15th October 2012 – Works to Lifeboat Slip
No.14 27th September 2012 – Works to Lifeboat Slip
No.13 9th September 2012 – The Isles of Scilly Sailing Club
No.12 26th August 2012 –  The National Redwing Championships
No.11 22nd July 2012 –  Hulman Ledge Beacon has been Reinstated
No.10 21st July 2012 –  Swimtrek
No.9 13th July 2012 –  Hulman Ledge Beacon is Unlit
No.8 13th June 2012 –  Dive Vessel ‘Shogun’
No.7 9th May 2012 –  Hulman Ledge & Rags Ledge Navigation Mark
No.6 29th April 2012 – Fixed Pontoon Closure
No.5 21st March 2012 –  Old Wreck Cardinal Buoy – Top Mark
No.4 13th March 2012 –  Hulman Navigation Mark
No.3 8th March 2012 –  Hulman Navigation Mark
No. 1 1st January 2012 –  Pilotage Service Amendment
No. 9 13th December 2011 –  Rags Beacon top mark and light missing
No. 8 1st September 2011 –  Deep Water Reef Survey
No. 7 5th July 2011 – M.O.D exercises
No. 6 6th June 2011 – Racing
No. 5 18th May 2011 – Pilotage Service Operating Procedures
No. 4 27th April 2011 – Race marking buoys
No. 3 4th February 2011 – Survey work  in outer berth
No. 2 16th February 2011 – St Agnes Quay
No. 1 15th February 2011 –  Top Leading LightInoperative